Evolve Partners’ Professional Services & Consulting unit has a staff of experienced IT professionals who combine the necessary skills, knowledge and certifications to help any size organization develop and deploy an effective IT strategy or implement specific solutions.

Since our inception we have helped public sector agencies, Fortune 500 companies as well as small and mid-sized organizations design, implement and manage technology solutions to drive growth, improve operating costs and secure their assets. Our partnerships with leading technology companies including Cisco, Microsoft and Hewlett Packard ensure that your investments in information technology bring lasting value and extend the capabilities necessary for you to compete in your market.

Whether you are a small business executive needing an overall IT strategy for growth or you are multi-national company with IT needs beyond what your in-house staff has the current capabilities to provide, Evolve Partners can deliver solutions across the technology spectrum for enterprise-wide or line-of-business specific solutions. Our Consulting competencies include:


Regulatory Compliance
Technology related compliance requirements are a fact of life for many businesses today. Some are faced with the pressures and required changes set forth by Sarbanes-Oxley. Companies in healthcare and life sciences are racing to ensure compliance with HIPAA and CFR 21 Part 11 standards. While many see these compliance standards simply as necessary evils, there is opportunity to take these mandates and create value from the change that they bring. Evolve Partners understands the challenges and opportunities related to compliance.
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Risk Management
Managing risk in the corporate enterprise today has become more and more challenging. Virtually every part of a company’s assets lives in a digital world – a world that if comprised, lost or stolen often means the end of that company or crippling business losses. Evolve Partners understands that if your enterprise is a target or just a victim of unfortunate circumstances, the effects could be devastating.
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IT Advisory Services
Many business executives are challenged with growing their companies, increasing shareholder value and maintaining a watchful eye on costs. Many small and mid-sized organizations need experienced technology leadership to help them achieve these goals and struggle to find the talent or budget required to drive technology advancement. Moreover, many are finding it increasingly difficult to balance technology investment with return on those investments.
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Technology Assessment
Businesses large and small often find the need for independent, third-party assessment or guidance on how their information technology systems and operations are performing. The need to evaluate the current state of your technology infrastructure as well as plan for the next phase of the company’s growth is critically important. It remains important regardless of your size or if you have an in-house IT staff.
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e-Commerce & CRM
Harnessing the power of the Internet to drive a closer relationship with customers should be the goal of every business. Over the last several years, many companies who invested in CRM and e-Commerce technology lost their way as they believed it was an electronic panacea designed to eliminate the need to talk to their customers and orders would just flow in because they had a shopping cart on their website with colorful product images. E-Commerce and CRM are tools designed to learn more about customers, their preferences and a clever way to market and re-market to them. However, most importantly, these tools are and should be a convenience for your customer, not your company.
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Web & Application Development
Using web-based technologies to collaborate, communicate, cut costs and drive growth is a critical need for every business. The Internet provides a ubiquitous platform to connect customers, suppliers and employees together in unique and profound ways. Whether your company is building a presence on the World Wide Web or you are trying to bring customers and employees closer, today’s web-enabled technologies brings an infinite number of possibilities to differentiate your company or organization like never before.
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