e-Commerce & CRM


Harnessing the power of the Internet to drive a closer relationship with customers should be the goal of every business. Over the last several years, many companies who invested in CRM and e-Commerce technology lost their way as they believed it was an electronic panacea designed to eliminate the need to talk to their customers and orders would just flow in because they had a shopping cart on their website with colorful product images. E-Commerce and CRM are tools designed to learn more about customers, their preferences and a clever way to market and re-market to them. However, most importantly, these tools are and should be a convenience for your customer, not your company.


In the age of the global economy, customers want to buy your product or service when it is convenient for them. The need to have rich descriptions, images and details about your products online is driven by customer demand. That demand is only half the battle, the customer then wants to be able to instantly purchase that product and of course, get it right away, after all your competitor can offer that to them. Today’s e-Commerce solutions have graduated to a level far beyond a simple shopping cart. Customers want the ability to manage all aspects of the purchase and their relationship with you through this means. Perhaps most important to this phenomenon is the experience the customer receives after the order confirmation is complete. Order execution to the customer and if necessary back to you, must be simple, quick and seamless.


Customer Relationship Management
CRM has come a long way in a few short years. Today, CRM is the central customer repository for all things “customer”. In our age of the distributed workforce, going to the backroom to pull the customer’s file from the cabinet is not practical. Further, as multiple people from departments all over your company have the need for direct interaction with the customer, this central customer record is critical. More complex then a rolodex or contact manager, CRM is enabling businesses of all sizes to be more efficient and predictably and thoughtfully service, sell and market to their customers.

We are experts in CRM & e-Commerce technologies and the business processes needed to support them. Our team of professionals and business partners have years of experience in not just the front-end part of creative design, product positioning, cross-selling, up-selling, payment processing and closing the transaction, we are seasoned veterans in development and deployment of the business processes needed to execute before, during and long after the sale. We have helped some of the world’s largest companies selling more than $1B online – evaluate, architect and deploy their world-class e-Commerce and CRM systems.