IT Advisory Services


Many business executives are challenged with growing their companies, increasing shareholder value and maintaining a watchful eye on costs. Many small and mid-sized organizations need experienced technology leadership to help them achieve these goals and struggle to find the talent or budget required to drive technology advancement. Moreover, many are finding it increasingly difficult to balance technology investment with return on those investments.


Virtual CIO Services
Most small and mid-sized companies do not have the budget for a seasoned technology leader to be on staff full time. Further, unlike larger companies, these organizations are not constantly making enterprise-wide changes or improvements to their technology infrastructure. Evolve Partners’ Virtual CIO Services is designed for businesses to have a senior, experienced IT business leader available to our customer’s executive management teams to help them with long term planning and budgeting, periodic IT strategy collaboration and to provide long-range guidance on scaling technology infrastructure as they grow.


Business Continuity Planning
Similar to Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity Planning or “BCP” services from Evolve Partners applies focus to not only to the retention of critical data, but provides a roadmap of exactly how your business will get back up and running in the case of a disaster or business interruption. BCP goes well beyond the recovery of data to include other elements required to restore services to your company including – connectivity, voice communications, data center operations, user support and direction, web presence and other IT systems and processes that may be affected during a disruption.


IT Strategic Planning
For companies that have an IT staff in-house, many of these teams find it difficult to plan for strategic growth, find operating efficiencies, evaluate new technologies and more – as they are often focused on the daily task of running the company’s systems. Our IT Strategic Planning services are designed to provide CIO’s, IT Directors or business leaders with independent, third-party analysis of IT-related business problems or opportunities for improvements in their environments.

Evolve Partners’ IT Business Consultants and IT Architects are practice area leaders within our company and serve in individual contributor capacities for our clients that require IT Advisory Services. These are some of the most experienced IT professionals in our industry and have a keen understanding of working with business leaders and senior technology professionals to provide valuable, high-impact solutions to your business. Let us show you how our experience across many companies and industries can benefit your enterprise.