Technology Assessment


Businesses large and small often find the need for independent, third-party assessment or guidance on how their information technology systems and operations are performing. The need to evaluate the current state of your technology infrastructure as well as plan for the next phase of the company’s growth is critically important. It remains important regardless of your size or if you have an in-house IT staff.


Technology Audit
Over the course of time, businesses assemble a myriad of systems, data and other assets often times during times of hyper-growth. Companies have found it challenging to catalog and maintain records on these assets and their use. Technology Audit Services from Evolve Partners provides an audit of critical systems, information records and assets in your technology infrastructure and is often the first step in determining how your existing investments perform and fit into your overall strategy.


IT Standards
Investment in technology hardware, software and services is just the first part of the evaluation of a new technology spend. Setting an IT Standards policy ensures consistency in the types and quality of new technology investments and most importantly lowers the overall cost to support that technology and the people who use it. Many companies find themselves buying the “deal of the week” to save short term on capital expenses, however, over the course of time, supporting a growing number of different PCs, servers, network equipment or other technology components which are different, in the end actually increases the costs of support. Developing a set of IT Standards for procurement and IT Asset Management improves efficiencies and costs in much the same way as setting standards has done for the low-fare airline market. Southwest, Jet Blue and others actually pay more per aircraft to ensure they have a fewer number of aircraft types, which help with the costs of parts, training and maintenance. Moreover, things thought to be luxury items like leather seats, have also driven down the costs of maintenance.


Business Process Optimization
One of the best ways to drive costs out of your business is by improving the processes that exist in your company today. The largest gains in Business Process Optimization or “BPO” can be achieved by automating or integrating processes into fewer steps or eliminating certain ones altogether. Technology improvements and upgrades should be the first place your business looks to help with BPO. Many businesses, especially smaller ones have simply thrown more people at a problem, instead of making improvements to processes using technology. Early on, technology created as many if not more processes than it was designed to eliminate, however, in recent years and with the proliferation of the Internet, mobile and wireless solutions, e-Commerce and more, technology is making a significant contribution to optimizing processes, making employees more efficient and driving revenue.

Evolve Partners has a number of technology assessment offerings to help your company with auditing existing assets, assessing your readiness for new technologies and finding innovative ways to use technology to benefit your business. Let our team of experienced IT Business Consultants and Information Architects help your company drive efficiencies and deliver on the promise of technology – it is what our message of Evolve Your Enterprise is all about.