Web & Application Development

epi_misc15Using web-based technologies to collaborate, communicate, cut costs and drive growth is a critical need for every business. The Internet provides a ubiquitous platform to connect customers, suppliers and employees together in unique and profound ways. Whether your company is building a presence on the World Wide Web or you are trying to bring customers and employees closer, today’s web-enabled technologies brings an infinite number of possibilities to differentiate your company or organization like never before.


Web Presence
Putting together a website with some catchy slogans, product images and information about your company is not going to bring you customers. Web Presence goes far beyond that. It tells a story – a story about your organization, people, products or services, differentiation and value. This outward facing representation may be your first and often times your last opportunity to convey a message, sell a product or convince someone why you. There are many aspects of an effective web presence:

  • A strong, professional image
  • Clear, concise value statements
  • An aesthetically pleasing design
  • Easy to understand, well-organized, credible content
  • Valuable, timely and topic relevant materials
  • Ability to be found on the web
  • Precise call to action
  • A reason for the customer to contact you

These represent the most common needs for an effective Web Presence. Each in isolation is not ground-breaking, nor effective independently, however represent the most over-looked attributes in creating a website.


Too often, Intranets have become a dumping ground for information that most employees already know or is not relevant to them. Further, an Intranet tends to be a static location for management to post news, the corporate calendar or location for the company picnic. Today’s Intranet solutions are collaborative in nature and instead of being a “top-down” oriented dumping ground for HR forms, employees can use them for working together on projects, departments sharing information which each other, a repository for forms and knowledge as well as centralized communications hub far more effective than the file-share on the server.



Like its Intranet brother and closely related to the early days failed of CRM & e-Commerce initiatives, the Extranet has broken out from being a place a customer can download forms, send a service request or see their invoices. Today’s Extranet experience is a central hub to bring together all parts of the value chain – Customers > Employees > Suppliers – into a single collaborative environment. An Extranet often joins the best of interactive Intranet technology, but allows for people outside of the company to contribute in the delivery of products and services to customers, while at the same time substantially cutting communications costs, timelines and frustrations.

Evolve Partners’ Application Development unit and IT Business Consultants can help your organization develop applications designed to stimulate demand, improve collaboration and communications and drastically cut costs using these web-based technologies. Our years of experience, coupled with our own use of these technologies, make us a logical choice in support of your application development initiatives. It is just another way for you to Evolve Your Enterprise.