Asset/Life Cycle Management

With increasing speed, technology of tomorrow is replacing the technology of today. However, there is still a need to maximize the useful life of your existing IT assets as you continue to write off its expense or depreciate it over its life. The need to manage warranties, in-service dates, asset tags, serial numbers and prepare for refresh of these systems continues to be a major challenge for many businesses.

Evolve Partners’ Asset/Life Cycle Management service is designed to help your business track all of your information technology hardware and software assets. The service starts with an inventory of all these investments to ensure that they are properly cataloged and classified. Information about warranties, serial numbers and other critical information is assembled and tracked on an ongoing basis and serves as an audit to your fixed assets or other tracking mechanisms. As these assets come off warranty or approach the end of their useful life, we are able to make specific recommendations on the need to replace or retire the asset in question.

In addition to the management of hardware, the service will also track software licensing compliance to ensure that you are within the guidelines set forth in your various license agreements. Not only will this help with your efforts to remain compliant with the requirements of the publisher, it is a requirement for most Regulatory Compliance standards today. Further, fines and enforcement by the Business Software Alliance (BSA) are increasing rapidly and can prove to be both embarrassing and expensive to your organization.

The service is also available as a bundled solution through our System Defense solution. Contact us to learn how we can help better secure and track your valuable IT assets.