Evolve Partners offers a number of solutions ranging from Unified Communications to Security, from Storage Solutions to Wireless and many others. As an end-to-end provider of IT Services for companies of all sizes, we can help you implement virtually any technology solution to improve your business, reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction and secure your assets.

As you consider new technology solutions, it is important to think about the goals, objectives and return on investment of these solutions both short and long term. Equally important is the effect that design and implementation of these technologies has on maintenance and support costs over the long term. Because we offer a complete service starting with assessment and continuing through operational support, we are more than just a company that will provide equipment. Our team of high-skilled engineers, solution consultants and project managers understand the unique requirements to support, maintain and scale solutions. We have practical experience in managing these solutions which ensure that we recommend a solution with specific return on investment and will be relevant and scalable for growth.

Here are just some of the Solutions from Evolve Partners that will benefit your enterprise:


Cloud Services

If your organization is looking for a hosted Microsoft Exchange solution, Microsoft Online Services is your solution. For small and mid-sized companies, it may not be cost-effective to have an Exchange Server in your environment when you consider the costs to manage and maintain that environment.

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As businesses continue to move more processes to electronic formats and the volume of electronic communications grow, the need for storage capacity among enterprises is expanding rapidly and exponentially. Further driven by the need to retain information for accounting regulation and compliance requirements, many businesses are finding the need to archive, organize, centralize and retain data from across their company is a complex, sometimes overwhelming task.

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Microsoft Online Services

Office 365 is a set of Microsoft hosted messaging and collaboration solutions consisting of Microsoft Exchange Online, Microsoft SharePoint® Online, Microsoft Lync Online. These Online Services are designed to give your business streamlined communication with high availability, comprehensive security and simplified IT management. Your business benefits from always using the most up-to-date technology that is deployed rapidly, maximizing your valuable IT resources and reducing your need for infrastructure investments.

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Total Defense

Running a small business today is becoming more and more complicated. Allowing you to focus on your business and not on technology is becoming more important as information technology decisions continue to become more demanding and complex every day.

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