As businesses continue to move more processes to electronic formats and the volume of electronic communications grow, the need for storage capacity among enterprises is expanding rapidly and exponentially. Further driven by the need to retain information for accounting regulation and compliance requirements, many businesses are finding the need to archive, organize, centralize and retain data from across their company is a complex, sometimes overwhelming task.

Evolve Partners is a leader in providing storage technology solutions to all sizes of companies and organizations to meet this ever-growing requirement. Our partnerships with leading storage technology providers, including Hitachi Data Systems, gives us a unique to provide cost-effective and scalable solutions for your needs.


Storage Area Networks
Today, businesses have pools of data in many disparate systems. These islands of storage may exist in email systems, accounting packages, document management solutions, file servers, specialized database and web applications and more. When a company’s data is stored across multiple servers or even in its desktops, businesses often lose control of this information. Moreover, the costs of backup, data recovery and network performance is severely impacted which in the end drives the costs of support and maintenance higher.

Implementing a Storage Area Network or “SAN” allows a company to create a stand-alone network environment that integrates with your traditional network and frees up the resources needed for management and movement of data. When a SAN is deployed, your options for retaining and safeguarding information significantly improve; at the same time driving down the costs of data management. A SAN solution will dramatically increase the performance, reliability and availability of your mission critical applications such as email, accounting system and database-oriented applications. A SAN also creates a solid foundation to build an effective Disaster Recovery strategy.


Network Attached Storage
Similar to a SAN, Network Attached Storage or “NAS” provides for a central repository for data across different systems. However, instead of creating a separate network for the processing and management of data, a NAS sits on the same network as the other assets on your network. A NAS solution traditionally provides for a more cost-effective method for centralizing files and databases and is ideally suited for non-mission critical applications such as backup, file sharing and data archival.


Direct Attached Storage
With Direct Attached Storage or “DAS”, a company can add a significant amount of storage for a particular application like email, database applications or accounting systems. DAS solutions offer a reliable, high-speed storage solution that attaches directly to a server rather than available to the entire network and is often a storage cabinet with multiple, redundant disks that can be setup in an array.

Evolve Partners offers a full assortment of SAN, NAS and DAS solutions. Our team of IT Architects and Engineers can help you design and implement a storage solution that best suits your particular application needs as well as provide for a solid platform as your data storage needs grow. These solutions, coupled with our expertise in Disaster Recovery, back-up, virtualization and high availability application requirements, ensure that your company can build an affordable storage strategy to grow with your enterprise. When paired with our Data Defense offering, your company can enjoy a complete on-site and off-site data protection and availability solution to protect your most critical asset: your data.