Everyone is busy these days and nobody takes any quiet time during the day to reflect on your job, your life in general and most importantly, your family.  My name is Bob Pavlovic, I am 73 years old, work from home and function as the Credit/Collection Manager for DecisionPoint Systems, Inc. which is based in Irvine, CA.  I’m sure you can tell from my age that I grew up in the age of ledger sheets, public phone booths, a TV without a remote and my computer expertise involved a Large IBM mainframe with punch cards.  Never in my wildest dreams could I imagine the impact that the Cell Phone and Desktop, Laptop, or iPad would have on how companies operate in the 21st Century.


As a Credit/Collection person, one of the normal processes I follow is to submit monthly statements to all our customers.  Without going into the boring details of how I extract and send the information, suffice to say, I had been performing the task for the past 8 years and had a pretty decent understanding and was rolling along rather nicely.  About 2 years ago they gave me a new laptop which was exciting.  With that came new Word software and yes, old Bob hit a stonewall.  The major part I needed to grasp was how to pull up all the labels associated with the customers who were to receive statements each month. Being smart, I went back to my IT folks and asked for their support.  They being smart sent me to you folks at Evolve.  I made the call and a nice chap named Mike Maxwell came on the line to assist.  Bob explained that my computer expertise was rather limited and he would have to exhibit extreme patience in guiding me in the right direction.  Well, let me tell you that he was just outstanding.  We didn’t have Logmein123 if I have that right, so Mike had to take me on a step by step tour through the label process.  He was patient and very kind, albeit I was imagining what he thought trying to educate a Senior Citizen.  Success reigned and Bob was back on track and the first of the month was no longer a worry card.  He was blasting through the statements and labels with ease.


Then, as you might expect, another catastrophe hit.  Two weeks ago, my laptop was compromised and I had to send it back to our Corporate IT Team to extract all the ugly stuff that may have been added to my system.  I had a loaner, and 3 days later, old faithful returned via overnight mail.  It has more speed and a lot more software added, but all my old files were intact and outside of a new Password I was in Fat City.  Statement time rolled around in early July so naturally I went to Word and attempted to pull up Mailings, and my label program only to discover a new version of word was added to my computer.  Panic set in as I recalled my last experience and I certainly was not talented enough to try and figure it out, although I did give it a whirl.  Enough I said and so I reached out to my IT Team once again and like last time, they were not going to accommodate the old timer.  When they suggested I contact Evolve, a light bulb went off.  In my old notes, I had Michael’s name and I said, no such luck.  But miracles do happen.  I called, hit Option 2 and the man was at the ready.  He remembered my name, and then I thought of the torture I put him through a couple years ago.  But let me just say, he was wonderful, exhibiting the same patience and time in walking me through the new steps in the updated Word program.  I am now fully versed and ready to rock, knowing that if I run into any issues when August rolls around I have a savior to call.


Shelby……………I didn’t mean to compose a short story or novel, but in my early career, I managed a lot of people and I always appreciated when someone provided positive vibes on one of my staff.  You are fortunate to have him on your team and want to personally extend my gratitude to Mike and ask that you place this little ditty in his personal file to be used at that time of year when raises and promotions are being considered.

Best regards to you and all of the Evolve team.

- Bob Pavlovic

DecisionPoint Systems, Inc.